The Creation of Perpetual Fear – Children

by lase99


Admittedly this sketch is funny to begin with, but it shouldn’t be long before it also disturbs you somewhat. Disturbing because its meant to be satire; Intended to be an “exaggeration” of a perceived misandric tendency in society, and yet, it ends up being a pretty accurate description of where we already are. It’s disturbing because what was meant to be satirical here, ended up being more like a documentary.

The fact is there must be an equal number of psychologically ill females out there walking around having similar thoughts to that of the male sex offenders that our news items scapegoat and it would be foolish to assume otherwise. However the family unit has been under persistent attack over the past four or five decades and one of the best methods through which to achieve a marked success in its destruction has been to demonise the male, or the father figure.

And so, father’s have no rights (intentional) and are further ground down by departmental organisations such as the Child Support Agency who use the child as collateral (see organisations such as Dead Beat Dads Association, link in footnotes)

The most primary functions of mainstream media are to divert the public’s collective consciousness away from matters of any real consequence or significance by whatever means necessary and to additionally create a perpetual state of fear within the subconscious mind of the viewer, again by whatever means necessary; Children and our instincts to protect them are an ideal vehicle to provoke the latter and so any excuse to have revolving segments using off-putting buzz-terms which will assist in achieving this is taken full advantage of.

When watching Television Your conscious mind doesn’t really have to take much of a hold on it because you have no say in the matter. It’s the subconscious they want it to work on because whatever the subconscious works on will ultimately work on you. It just takes more time to settle itself like a jelly poured into a mold.

… and it’s constantly active. The conscious mind is often totally unaware of some of the details and information that the subconscious mind is drinking in. In fact one of the objectives with television is to lull the conscious mind into a semi-sleep state at which point the subconscious mind, which never sleeps, is more open to suggestion – this is the area they want to manipulate. This way you think the thoughts you think are yours when really they’re simply the ingredients applied to the mixture prior to ‘setting’.

Our media machine in actual fact creates and nurtures the mind of the paedophile. This might sound far-fetched but when you’re fortunate enough to have relevent clips that would ordinarily be separated out over days or weeks spliced together in a more succinct and immediate context, it becomes much more obvious that whats really going on here is absolutely grotesque. However, to demonstrate I don’t have to look far unfortunately.

“Towelhead” is written and directed by Alan Ball, the man behind “Six Feet Under” and “American Beauty.” But it’s caused outrage for its graphic depiction of sexual, mental and physical child abuse that verges quite literally on kiddie porn.

The movie, so odious that many people have simply walked out during the screenings, shows actor Aaron Eckhart having sex with a 13-year-old girl played by a now 19-year-old actress, Summer Bishil. The actress only turned 19 recently however, which means that she was just on the cusp of 18 when she made the movie last year. (dated 2010)

The fact that this film has been funded at all is evidence that there are some pretty questionable individuals working within media. The video I wanted to use was an interview Eckhart did with ESPN or CNN in which he was swooned over and praised for taking on such a challenging role by the pitiful news anchors before they encouraged all to go and see the film, but I was unable to find it. I’m thankful though that on sourcing the following interview viewing stats were relatively low on many of the videos I came across.


Never-the-less, ultimately you have to ask yourself what kind of person would endeavour to see a film of this kind and more importantly, how the film affects the subconscious of two categories : 1. An individual already interested in material of this nature, and 2. An individual who hasn’t previously been interested in material of this nature.

Predominantly though the main theme of the movie is the sexualisation of the child and this is something that a lot of ill but powerful people on the world stage are striving to pursue as its gradual acceptance would suit their own sicknesses. This notion might be laughed at and claimed to be paranoia or hysteria.

Larry King – John Decamp’s attempt at child sex ring exposure, Named in testimonies surrounding The Franklin Cover-Up, Troy Boner (do the digging yourself on this one), (The Franklin child prostitution ring allegations were a series of allegations and legal actions surrounding an alleged child sex ring serving prominent citizens of Omaha Nebraska as well as high-level U.S. politicians. The scandal centered around the actions of Lawrence E. King. King eventually served 10 years of a 15-year prison sentence when convicted of embezzling thirty-eight million dollars as manager of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Nebraska. He was later served with a $1 million default judgment after he failed to appear in court to respond to civil charges of kidnapping and child abuse. On February 1, 1991, former Nebraska state senator John DeCamp filed a civil suit on behalf of Paul Bonacci, against the Catholic Archbishop of Omaha and Lawrence E. King, as well as businessmen Peter Citron, Alan Baer, Harold Andersen, Michael Hoch, Kenneth Bovasso and other Nebraska persons and institutions) More detailed reading in footnotes

I could get really into some of my own research but this gets very deep indeed and brings catastrophic events such as the Dunblane Massacre and it’s subsequent DA-Notice into a more questionable light if I were to concentrate more on a British perspective. For the moment though I’d advise looking into heroes such as John Decamp or former head of the FBI Ted Gunderson who’ve spent decades trying to expose high level government and police officials involved in sexual abuse. (footnotes)

It’s very much sleight of hand. On the one side mainstream media will crucify the sex offender if it further creates the perpetual state of fear within the subconscious mind of the viewer I mentioned in the opening paragraphs, but on the other it nurtures and protects the paedophile.

Modern society has become very secular in nature. People don’t know their neighbours and view anyone who isn’t part of their immediate family circle with the utmost suspicion (and even then in some cases immediate family I’m sure). The media response to high-profile child abuse cases and successive government knee-jerk legislation, (particularly that which applies an over-zealous emphasis on, ‘child safety’), are largely to blame.

As a result we currently have people of different generations who won’t communicate in public and view anyone who even remotely deviates from the accepted norm with suspicion or even contempt. The hypnotic functionalities of television are so effective, that we even suspect ourselves or rather, become super-conscious of our own outwardly perceived behavioural characteristics around other different generations. Adults no longer talk to children for fear of being accused of something heinous, despite there being no foundation and this outcome has been absolutely designed to within the finest degree.

This is Royal Institute of International Affairs and Tavistock policy being played out by the droves of malleable walking zombies we have allowed ourselves to become. Just one ‘drip’ in the continual War of Attrition.

People like Tony Blair and those who work for think tanks such as The Fabian Society, DEMOS, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Tavistock Institute etc, and to some extent Common Purpose which serves as a networking and training avenue encompassing the aforementioned, have an excellent understanding of the broad spectrum of methods used to attack the general publics’ collective consciousness relentlessly, and seek to implement them whilst projecting an empathetic, morally just animus perception to the public. We need only acknowledge the emblem of the Fabian Society (of which Tony Blair holds membership) and it’s wolf in sheep’s clothing.

… nothing is hidden from us.

This collusion between media bodies and some of the above mentioned organisations should have us condemn mainstream media on its own merit, but we don’t. Why?

One should become symbolically literate and build the ability to recognise the methods used to effect negative change in society. What these publicly funded bodies are doing to the individual subconscious mind through television is so subtle and so veiled behind a contrived outward perception of having good intentions, and they’ve become so good at doing it, that its very easy indeed to allow one’s self to become swept up in all the clouded waters of social engineering without even realising you fell in to it.

It’s important to resist the temptation to attack the child killer or the sex offender who are themselves indications of a much more sophisticated induction of mental illness by proxy so to speak. Television is their primary weapon against us and we must begin to ask some very damning questions about the kind of people influencing our media. Instead we applaud the newscasting vultures as they strip the bones of what are essentially merely symptoms of socio-engineering and mainstream media’s own willingness to accommodate and implement such agendas.

It would be fantastic if we could work up anger pictured toward the real manipulators.


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