Megaupload Takedown & The Ethernet

by lase99

The purpose of law in a democratic, non religion-controlled society is to allow that society to function in a way that reflects its peoples’ ideas of right and wrong.

The large number of people who themselves violate copyright law indicates that current laws are out of line with the will of the people and if the public were in control of their own destiny as they should be then these laws would probably be changed soon.

Negative change is promoted though, not positive.



Just as an additional note before I mention the good information, in terms of any media, all they’re going to do is keep playing with the formats so that you have to keep going out and replacing your old format with the new, ad infinitum, until you die.


Attack on  Megaupload and Why

I’m sure you caught wind of this. None of the media outputs are very forthcoming with the following information though :

In December of 2011, just weeks before the takedown, Digital Music News reported on something new that the creators of Megaupload were about to unroll. Something that would rock the music industry to its core.

MegaBox was going to be an alternative music store that was entirely cloud-based and offered artists a better money-making opportunity than they would get with any record label.

“UMG knows that we are going to compete with them via our own music venture called, a site that will soon allow artists to sell their creations directly to consumers while allowing artists to keep 90 percent of earnings,” MegaUpload founder Kim ‘Dotcom’ Schmitz told Torrentfreak

Not only did they plan on allowing artists to keep 90% of their earnings on songs that they sold, they wanted to pay them for songs they let users download for free.

“We have a solution called the Megakey that will allow artists to earn income from users who download music for free,” Dotcom outlined. “Yes that’s right, we will pay artists even for free downloads. The Megakey business model has been tested with over a million users and it works.”

This was about to revolutionise not just the music industry, but the world.


So out they roll SOPA / PIPA and these other ‘bills’ because they think they’re losing money currently, and about to lose a whole lot more. They’re not interested in the artist or the copyright owners at all; it’s their own pockets they’d prefer to line better, as an emerging free race of positive human beings start chipping away at the chain links.


They couldn’t allow it. Which is why they raided this guys house in New Zealand and took all his Cadillac off him. They’re desperate to try and rally public and industry support for these bills so that they can protect their cash cow – our art.

There is a whole bunch of disgusting people clinging desperately to their bloated and protected methods of cashing in on everything we do.

Just imagine how much more income people would generate as filmmakers, cinematographers, audio technicians, actors, artists, publishing companies and on and on, if they were able to get a cut of 95% of the cost, each time a film / song / photograph / file was downloaded.

I know a lot of people in a range of media industries and it’s a shame because a unanimous majority are typically in favour of these bills because they don’t seem to have the vision to see past whats really sucking on the life-force of art. The woodwesp’s egg has set itself up to appear to be both saviour and protector of art. These people could unwittingly be destroying their respective industry and their own futures.

Adapt or die.



Additional information

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