Youtube’s War on You

by lase99

Most of us probably have a Youtube account and if we use it regularly, whether that’s to upload or browse content or both, we’ve probably all been pissed off with some of the changes over the past five years. Their latest change was a complete revamp of the site taking away a lot of the basic functions.

I’ve got 330 contacts now, about a quarter of those were subscriptions to other users (now I’ve had to sub everyone due to the changes), but on the homepage I only ever get to see a tiny selection of this 330 channels’ user activity which is usually the same handful of channels. There are a lot of people whose interests I value that I never see on the ‘friends activity’ page, and they’re certainly watching videos.

Also as a website policy you’re only allowed to upload videos of no longers than approx 13 minutes.

So I stumbled on this guy who’d decided to leave Youtube and he was pointing me towards a site called (see link to his page in footnotes).


Looks really decent. In fact it looks like Youtube used to, except it has one or two extra functionalities. Can’t really grumble at that but I wanted to be decisive and get in early so that I could secure my username (which 99% of the time I find has already been registered by some one else), which is :

  • You can upload videos of any duration
  • You can customise your channel’s layout and design
  • You can post bulletins (Youtube’s just done away with this)
  • There is a chat function pop-up

Search function doesn’t seem to work very well but It looks like early days for the site. With enough audience and registered users they’ll swell no doubt and make some improvements to the sites layout.

What I’ll do over the next fortnight or so is download the videos from my Youtube Channel using Keepvid and reupload them to Zippcast.

I’m gonna stick with it fuck ’em.

Youtube Digest from Arron



Footnotes :

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