The Occupy Movement

by lase99

Firstly that logo should have any symbolically literate person sceptical.

The first Occupy website was registered by a lady called Pauline Aquas to an office being ‘occupied’ by The Lucis Trust in United Nations Plaza in New York no less.


And of course this is nothing new:

“At the convention [meeting sponsored by Business International for their clients and heads of government] men from Business International tried to buy up a few radicals. They offered to finance our demonstrations in Chicago. We were offered Esso (Rockefeller owned) money. They want us to make a lot of radical commotion.” – James Simon Kunen ‘The Strawberry Statement – Notes of a College Revolutionary”

“Young people have no conception of the strategy ‘pressure from above and pressure from below’. They have no idea that they are playing into the hands of the establishment they claim to hate. The radicals think they are fighting the forces of the super-rich like Rockefeller and Ford, and don’t realise that it is precisely such forces which are behind their own ‘revolution’, financing it and using it for their own purposes.” – Jerry Kirk (Black Panther)


So once again it’s Rockefeller money subsidising the Occupy Movement. An individual higher up in the banking fraternity you couldn’t possibly wish to find, and yet he and his cotery instigate attack of their own institution.

“We will lead every revolution against us!” – Theodor Herzl.

This information should have us ask some very pertinent questions about what the possible motivations could be for them in having large numbers of people congregating out on the streets and in public places.

One possibility could be that the prospect of people beginning to organise outside of the conventional resistance methods eg EDL, Anti War Coalition (these groups of course being government-funded by proxy) etc etc didn’t suit their interests in the long-term. But whilst we try to understand what happened / what is happening with Occupy it’s very important not to lose sight of the fact that whatever the vehicle for resistance might be, they will look to penetrate it.

Could it be that some of the most effective means through which to damage the control mechanism might perhaps be staring us in the face and that what was required to distract us was the encouragement to fall back onto some of the more age-old tip-toes towards a state of conflict between 1. The oppressed, and 2. The control mechanisms’ enforcement bodies ie; the police and ultimately, should the phenomena gain enough momentum, the Army?

Could it be that they were simply provoking a movement such as this one just to observe what would happen? Perhaps test just how pissed off the nation is as a whole. “Just how many people will pull themselves away from their jobs and their financial commitments to rally around high streets and outside of banks etc?”. “How much room do we actually have currently? It’s in our interests to gauge what the atmosphere is amongst the swathes of individuals who don’t bother to go to the polling booths?”

Well we certainly jumped through the hoops. The ‘Occupy’ movement should be made a more striking lesson for us rather than it is for them.

Also we mustn’t lose sight of how this movement appears to the average person who comes back from a hard days work, is rightfully a bit sick of the banks and what-have-you and may have even considered getting behind a group like this. What do they see as an alternative to their dead-end job and their taxes being pished away on weapons and war and the strengthening of the machine? Well they see tents erected in squares and within roundabouts. Naturally the media promotes this sight heavily because in the subconscious mind of the viewer the alternative appears to be destitution, poverty, living in a tent somewhere cooking on a gas stove if you’re lucky. “But we need our government and the banks, without them I’d be wet through and frozen.”

You’ve got to hand it to them they’re clever… and after everything we’re still not rising to the play.

Once peaceful people congregate in large numbers it then becomes very easy for them to use their own operatives to instigate violence, which then in turn will be used in the controlled media to further blacken the reputations of people who the viewer may have otherwise been sympathetic towards. (we’ve seen this done many times)



It’s unfortunate but footage like that would never air on the BBC, so the majority continue ill-informed and misguided about what’s happening on the ground. Eventually seeing footage of large-scale disorder such as the riots in London and neighbouring cities in Summer 2011. It’s my belief that much of this disruption was instigated and almost certainly provoked by the police.

There’s also the issue of course that the more disruption there is on street level, the more police will be required and most importantly – “Surely police need more powers of arrest / We need to be able to apply tougher measures on ‘Domestic Terrorists’, more police, and in addition easier methods through which to identify ‘trouble makers’.”

So you can spin this shit a lot of ways, and there’s a lot of ways through which they stand to gain in terms of strengthening this machine. In fact, they’re the only ones to gain.

We need to think much more carefully about what we’re doing. Personally I’ve never been an advocate of protesting. It’s counter-productive and it looks like my instincts served me well.

I’ll end with an excellent quote that should point anyone in a better direction.

“We cannot control what is going to happen in the future, but how we use our individual and collective coherency will influence the evolutionary outcome of what this reactionary, non-thinking, exploitative, beast has in mind. We cannot out-fight them because they invented that kind of death, we can only out-think them. Every provocation throughout history has been to get us at some point to try to out-fight them. The Gorilla Warrior of the future is going to be the one that thinks” – John Trudell.

Be a true Gorilla Warrior.



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