Libya – Some Points – Part 1

by lase99

This is going to give you a good chunk of the information that matters all in one shot. Good clips are used from a variety of sources including Adam Curtis – ‘The Power Of Nightmares’, RT, independent film-makers, Qaddafi talks to the UN, allowing the viewer to more easily apply circumstances into context. You’ll need an hour.


Always remember what Al-Quaida is, egsample :

Omar Bakri : (Intelligence / MI6), Al Muhajiroun – Founder, According to Michael Meacher, John Loftus and others recruited up to 200 Muslims in Britain and sent them for terror training in Pakistan and other countries to help the US overthrow communist regimes in Afghanistan, Links with Anjem Choudary, Alleged al-Qaeda facilitator.


Regarding CIA / MI6 assets on the ground in Libya during conflict; Always keep in mind that it’s easy to assume that worker-bees are real people operating under their own volition, rather than psychologically modified subjects who have been programmed to perform certain tasks at specific times.

Regarding the arms that magically appeared in Libya; Tony Blair was in and out of this place in the lead-up to the conflict.

Tony Blair : Knights Of Malta, 33 Degree Mason (Or higher), Hellfire Club, Carlyle Group (employed at 500,000 GBP / annum on vacating Downing St), Club of Rome, The Fabian Society, Fabian Society Chairman, Privy Council, JP Morgan Chase – Senior Advisor, Lincoln’s Inn, Cash for honours, The Climate Group, Faith Foundation – Founder, Institute for Public Policy Research, Iraq invasion, Dr David Kelly, London Train Bombings, ‘Deal in The Desert’ ($165 million deal with General Dynamics UK (Arms), facilitated by ex-UK Ambassador to Libya ‘Sir’ Vincent Fean), Moussa Koussa’s recovered documents detailing Blair’s deal with Gaddafi for MI6 to house terror suspects in Libya for torture 2005 – 2011.

Who are the Carlyle Group because you rarely hear of them. Well their website mission statement says :

  • Generate superior investment returns
  • Inspire the confidence and loyalty of our investors
  • Attract, develop and retain highly talented professionals

It’s big money – “More than 1,400 investors from 72 countries entrust Carlyle with their capital and their reputations. As one means of aligning its own interests with those of its Limited Partner investors, since inception Carlyle has committed more than $4.6 billion of its own capital to its funds.”

The group has cropped up again and again in my own research into people. Notable psychopaths off the top of my head are George HW Bush, James Baker III, Berlisconi, the disgusting Frank Carlucci and a whole host of others. ‘Blackstone’ partnership (meaning between the lines and the gloss on its website it’s a Defense Contractor amongst everything else)

This is May 2011 :

Libya established the investment authority in the past decade to find outlets for its rapidly growing oil wealth. As part of his plan to open Libya’s economy, Muammar Qaddafi’s government organized meetings with former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The Carlyle allocations are among $13 billion of investments Libya made in private-equity firms, hedge funds, stocks and bonds.

Carlyle Co-founder David Rubenstein said in a March 1 speech that his firm hadn’t invested in Libya. He didn’t say whether Carlyle had accepted investments from the nation.

Governments around the world froze assets tied to Qaddafi’s regime in February after violence erupted in the African nation. The U.S. and U.K. governments are now backing rebels trying to remove Qaddafi from power.

The Libyan Investment Authority filing shows HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA) and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) held assets for Qaddafi’s government. HSBC held $292.7 million across 10 accounts and Goldman Sachs had almost $44 million in four accounts. The banks declined to comment.

About $3.9 billion was invested in structured products with hedge funds and investment banks, including more than $1 billion at Societe Generale (GLE) SA and $171.5 million at JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), the document shows. Spokesmen for the banks declined to comment.

^ Doors were open for business.

Hopefully it’s beginning to look a little clearer now.

Government admits Alan Duncan’s links to company in ‘Libyan oil cell’

The government has admitted that the international development minister, Alan Duncan, took part in meetings between officials operating a Whitehall cell to control the Libyan oil market and Vitol – a company for which Duncan has previously acted as a consultant.

The “Libyan oil cell” involved a group of officials working in the Foreign Office since May waging a quiet campaign against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime by controlling the flow of oil in the country.

It is said to have played a discreet but crucial role in the campaign in Libya by helping to enforce the sanctions regime to prevent Gaddafi importing and exporting oil while allowing oil to reach the rebels in the east. That oil came via one company, Vitol.

Duncan, a former oil trader and multi-millionaire, has had a 30-year friendship with the managing director of Vitol, Ian Taylor, at one point operating as a consultant to the company and as a non-executive director to a subsidiary firm. Taylor has also been a Tory donor, declared on Duncan’s parliamentary register of interests.

Above taken from ‘The Guardian’, link in footnotes.

Alan Duncan : Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, Harcourt Consultants – Director / Founder (Oil brokerage & government consulting on oil supply), Royal Dutch Shell 1979–1981 (Oil Trader), Re; Expenses – boasted about his second home allowance, denied that he should pay any of the money back and stated it was “a great system” on BBC2, made over a million pounds after profiting from the need to supply oil to Pakistan after Kuwait’s supplies had been disrupted in the Gulf War, private office funded by donations from the chairman of Vitol (Ian Taylor – Also listed), Appointed ‘Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry’ in December 2005, Cameron’s ‘Whitehall cell’ serving to undermine Gaddafi by seeking to manipulate and control the Libyan oil sector (liaising with Vitol in respect of this),


Some specifics on Libya :

  • In 1951 Libya was the poorest country in the world
  • Before the 2011 NATO Invasion Libyans enjoyed the highest standard of living in Africa
  • Each Libyan was entitled to a section of land as birthright
  • Newly married couples received the equivelent of $50,000 with which to purchase their first home
  • Electricity was free to all people
  • Pre Qaddafi one fifth of Libyans were illiterate
  • Post Qaddafi 83% of the population is litterate and education was free. If a citizen was unable to be educated in their chosen field within Libya education elsewhere in the world would be paid for
  • Healthcare was free
  • Loans were 0% interest free
  • The Libyan government contributed 50% of the cos on the purchase of all new cars
  • 1.7 million Libyans (30 % of the population) assembled at Green Sq in July 2011 to show defiance against the NATO bombing of their country
  • Prior to 2011 Libya was debt free

The Green Book is a three-part collection of political thoughts, social and economic theories and day-to-day how-to guides by Libya’s Muammar el Qaddafi. The book sums up Qaddafi’s “Third Universal Theory,” designed to be an alternative to capitalism and “atheistic communism.” It also expounds on the role of women, men, “black people,” music and education in everyday life. In Qaddafi’s words, “THE GREEN BOOK presents the ultimate solution to the problem of the instrument of government, and indicates for the masses the path upon which they can advance from the age of dictatorship to that of genuine democracy.

Link to download Qaddafi’s Green Book in pdf format in English :

Note – I haven’t read this personally, yet.


So what now for Libya?

Well the term ‘wide-open’ comes to mind. Note one of the journalists in these next reports saying “We have no idea who these people are”. Precisely.

They can pick a few dozen guys from any country, with misty backgrounds, drop them off on the ground and give them weapons and facemasks and the general masses protesting assume that they’re nationals. As long as they look like they’re from Libya they manage to blend right in with the swelling crowds.

Hollywood has more to answer for than perhaps you might at first give it credit for. The James Bond and other misc Hollywood spy films did a great job of creating this standard delusion in the subconscious minds of Westerners of kitted-out, glamerous secret agents. British secret agents having a British appearance. This is very difficult for the majority to shake off.

The consensus is that the terrorists look Arabic, and the super heroic western secret agents look like Sean Connery. It doesn’t work like that.


Whatever favours Col Muammar Qaddafi may have bestowed upon Sirte while he was in power, it is certainly payback time now. The city, his birthplace, which he favoured above all others in Libya, is in ruins. There is hardly a building left unscathed by the fighting.

Libyan war – some issues a triumphal media is keen to forget :


Footnotes :

Carlyle Group Took $118 Million From Libyan Fund, Group Says –

Carlyle Group –

Government admits Alan Duncan’s links to company in ‘Libyan oil cell’

On the Green Book –