Who I Am

by lase99

It has been suggested a number of times by people who appreciate my viewpoint that I do a blog. What has made me decide to finally do it is that I often comment on Youtube videos, but If I want to go back and copy what I’ve previously written on any particular subject and paste it into conversations with someone else, invariably the comment has sunk down many pages and I probably can’t be bothered to search for it (this would be a good improvement for Youtube developers, being able to search through your own comment history, but I don’t think they’re really interested in making actual improvements to the site. What they are interested in doing is making the exchange of information more difficult).

A little about me, ie; the relevent stuff. I started following politics when I was in my early teens. This was very much a paradox bearing in mind the lifestyle I was leading. After a few years of following politics, what should happen is that you should begin to see patterns emerging. There are many factors why someone perhaps might not. It’s possible that being young and having a mind that had gone largely untampered with it was a relatively natural process. When these patterns became noticable I started reading psychology, given that this is what politics is essentially when you get behind the circus handed to the public. I read Behold A Pale Horse Cometh by the time I’d reached my twenties which is a strange book containing a very curious language. It’s a grim account of agendas but once absorbed gives an excellent world view and the direction one takes from there will allways be built upon a good solid foundation of understanding.

In approx 2005 I really began to get stuck into ‘people’. I was tired of the mantra of “It’s the Labour Party, It’s Tony Blair, It’s George Bush, It’s Dick Cheney etc” No. It’s thousands of people and it’s an undercurrent of serious psychological problems that always runs in tandem with people who are desperate to gain more money / more power. When I say I got stuck into people what I mean is I began to compile a list. Each person who was added to the list I researched and placed next to their name what organisations they were affiliated with, what companies they were involved with and some of the more notable criminal activity they had been involved with. This took thousands and thousands of hours but it was an excellent learning method for me. Again, like with politics you begin to see patterns emerging. For instance you might have one man allegedly in the Conservative Party in England, then you might have another in The Labour Party. These two individuals are pitted against each other in what I call ‘The Political Comic Book’ or sometimes ‘The Chicken Coup’, but hold on, they’re both on the board of British Aerospace… and wait, they’ve both got shares in Imperial Tobacco, they’re also both members of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Once you see these patterns it’s an excellent tool into seeing through the false conflict (I’m going to paste a comment I made on Youtube today describing this false conflict). The list I speak of now contains approx 3000 names and spans around 400 pages of raw information in text form.

To be honest this is the really important stuff from my background. The rest is sales jobs and driving jobs. The most vital information for you is that I’m not someone attached to any political organisations, secret societies and can’t be pigeon-holed at all. I’m simply a man using my whole mind and it’s instincts, which if you work hard enough at, eventually simbiotically work together and it becomes very difficult indeed for them to lead you along.

It’s all very complicated and what have you, but for a first post this will have to about do you.