Iran – Part 1

by lase99

… because I’m sure there’ll be another part.

You should be aware of the drone Iran shot down.

Western media is continuously throwing stones at the country, with provocative stories attempting to conjure up a ‘fly in the ointment’ wave of public opinion amongst Western readers. And you can visit the Middle East section of the Financial Times website to see headlines (plural) of a defamotory nature relating to Iran on a daily basis.

If there’s a fly in the ointment in the Middle East it’s the US floating around the Persian Gulf… etc.


That’s doing the rounds at the minute. Title reads ‘Iran meet US navy 5th fleet. Is Russia gonna join the party – They said they will back Iran’

It’s enough to make you weep innit. (the cretin who dremt the title up). Is that training, is it 5 years old, is it off South America; Hard to know, but if that’s now and in the Persian Gulf, then these wankers are playing a dangerous game.

Perspective from the East :


Iran shouldn’t be feared, Western ‘Leaders’ should. It’s important to have a handle on Iran’s nuclear energy policy as opposed to the difference in plutonium enrichment levels required for nuclear weapons (which I don’t think Iran is interested in, but regardless – so what if they were; good luck to em’), because Western media will try to deceive you in this respect counting on you not being savvy with the specifics. If you aren’t, try and find the time to look into it.

To understand more about Iran the following docs ten years old, but still a good introduction :


It would be advisable not to doubt the determination of Western ‘leaders’ to have the world plunge toward the abyss of World War 3 (not that I think World War 2 ever ended as I’ve said before, I just use the term for ease of differentiating) as quickly as possible and it should be obvious by now that either A) This is what they want, or B) They couldn’t care less if a global military conflict unfolds. “The more death the better”. Remember when the internet is turned off we’ll be like babies.

This is the most important section of this post.

Unfortunately there is still a hardcore of clueless bastards out there forever willing to repeat exactly what they’ve been subliminally programmed with over the previous years, because those in control have still got the telly amongst their armoury of primary weapons :


… and a lot of them.

They’ve got a monopoly on the subconscious mind of the majority we know.

It’s never too late to push a pin in their sides. Whilst individual efforts might be a drop in the ocean, collectively a difference really can be made and people are doing the following :

  1. Don’t hold a bank account and if you do remove money from it as soon as it goes in (watch the below video to know why this is important). An account with the Post Office (UK) is a better temporary measure.
  2. Don’t pay tax, things like council tax, parking tickets etc – pay absolutely nothing into the machine. Things like Council Tax etc are revenue based statutes, so you should be pursuing Common Law to remove consent when efforts are made to bully you (Search terms such as ‘Freeman Movement’ to link yourself to reading about how to go about this).
  3. Turn your TV off. This is one of the easiest but most effective measures you can take.
  4. Don’t vote.