Immigrants & Benefits

by lase99

This is being peddled heavily by the media prostitutes currently in the UK. They’re trying to get you to angry about 380,000 or so allegedly illegal immigrants who’ve come to the UK from elsewhere in the world and are now not working, but claiming benefits. (This is approx 60 GBP per week and is called ‘Job Seekers Allowance’.

Ok, this goes back to the foreign and domestic policy of the time when decisions were made about lacks control for those entering into the country. Again I’m not going to get bogged down in all of the technicalities because the intentions are always simple :

1. Make the indigenous population feel isolated and angry.

2. Erode sense of national pride and or culture.

Once this is achieved to any extent the advantages for ‘them’ are many and varied. And so, today we have the ‘story’ plastered anywhere and everywhere billed as ‘the most important thing we could find for you to dedicate your conscious mind toward’.


Re; Harriet Sergeant – There is very little useful background information about her on the web. Not even a wiki page, and as always I want to know exactly who someone is before I listen to them. It’s essential to know what groups an individual featured in political debate has allegiances with before giving any credence. Who is she?

What we’re seeing here is just another distraction in the political comic book. Imagine Marvel images of “POW” and “SLAM” and “BIFF” flashing in front of you. This is what they do. Expenses, Oil Spill, Flu Virus, Concordia, Phone Tapping, Immigrants, Unemployment, Crisis Crisis Crisis. Like how a newspaper, has one main story, surrounded by ‘Free DVD’ adverts and usually a celebrity bimbo gossip column on the right. The person starts reading the story or the headline but their research showed that the mind is unable to concentrate on one issue and is easily distracted by the bold colours around the story, constant confusion.

Breast implants, Libya, Tesco share prices, Crisis, Terror terror terror, Breast implants, terror, then finish off with a light-hearted story to have you fall back into your lull. Adam Curtis called it the ‘Oh-Dear Mentality’. And it works! They rely on four things;

1. You’re too busy with your own problems.

2. That you’re constantly in a state of confusion.

3. That you concentrate solely on what they deem worthy of your concentration. Never deviate from the accepted world view.

4. That you’re in a continual state of fear subconsciously. (In this case a number of things. The two I mentioned early on in this post, Erode sense of national pride and or culture, Loss of ‘English jobs’ for English people. Cost on a personal level.

If I were you I would pay little credence to this story, but as I’ve mentioned Adam Curtis I’ll post one of his docs that IS worth paying attention to :




Source of note :

I like this guys channel. He uploads a lot of segments from all the usual political programmes. I had thought originally that he was doing this as proof of some of the things that get aired on mainstream television but after reading some of his info-panels unfortunately I don’t think he gets the larger picture at all. Still, this is a good channel to subscribe to I think, and if nothing else, it allows you to post a comment with your own opinion and hopefully reach someone who’s being suckered-in by it all.